Japanese Mortice & Marking Gauge ~ Yoita Kiki Kogyo

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Made in Japan

  • Made of Japanese White Oak
  • Two adjustable steel scribing rods on marking gauge held are in place with thumbscrew
  • Single beveled cutters
  • The long fence helps to prevent twisting 
  • Etched measurements on carbon steel cutters

  • This Yoita Kiki Kogyo mortise & marking gauge is ideal for precision marking & scribing. It will layout straight lines parallel to the edge of your work with ease. It is also great for mortise & tenon woodwork. The blades on this marking gauge have single-bevel cutting blades, which helps to make clean marks on material without tearing the grain. The two adjustable scribing rods on the marking gage have etched markings in the steel & are held in place with a thumbscrew. A quality tool made of handsome White Japanese Oak.  Made in Japan.

       This tool is especially excellent & useful for woodworking projects. These marking gauges are great for marking thin lines on material that will help you straightly position your hand-saws & chisels for great cutting accuracy.

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    Japanese Mortice & Marking Gauge ~ Yoita Kiki Kogyo 4-3/4"  x  4-3/4"  x  2"




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