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Honing Guide

Honing Guide

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  • Accurately hones chisel & plane blades with precise bevel angles
  • Will sharpen chisel blades up to 1-3/4" wide
  • Will sharpen plane blades up to 3" wide
  • Sturdy & smooth rolling wheel on guide
  • Engraved on the side of the guide are figures that help figure out angles based on the amount blade projects from the guide

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  • To get best performance from chisels & plane blades it is mandatory for them to be razor sharp. This easy to use guide attaches to the cutting tool and the sharpening angle can be easily determined. With a simple rolling motion razor sharp edges are gained. When using, keep firm pressure on the cutting edge & less on the roller thus minimizing stone wear. Creating precise secondary angles are also a snap. For chisels up to 1-3/4” wide & plane blades up to 3” wide.

  • Product Title Overall Jig Size Model #
    Honing Guide 4" Long  x  1 - 5/8" Wide