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Giant Opinel Knife No. 13 Size

Giant Opinel Knife No. 13 Size

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Made in France

  • Special giant size stainless model - INOX
  • Great for large barbecue meats & grilling
  • Foldable blade with stainless locking collar
  • Made of 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel
  • Genuine Beechwood handle

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  • The classic Opinel stainless steel knife in the largest size available. This famous knife is rich in history & has been in use for over 100 years by many alike! This very large model is commonly used for large roasts, barbecue meats, grilling & the like. You can cut, poke, & flip steaks with this knife, and the handle does not transfer heat. This knife may also be used as a machete as well! The blade locks in place with a simple turn of the stainless collar; it also locks into the handle for safety. The handsome Beechwood handle is varnished for a most beautiful look. The handle has a leather loop at the end as well.

    *Important! Care for your stainless steel knives!*

    The knife blade is made of stainless steel and will not rust, although try to avoid leaving the knife in moist & damp environments for too long, and the wood may expand or contract too if the knife is left out in extreme weather conditions for an amount of time. It is also a good idea to try & wipe the blade dry after each use.

  • Model # Blade Length
    Overall Length
    Weight Model #
    Opinel Stainless Steel Knife No. 13 9" 19 - 3/4" .974 lbs 122136