Japanese Foldable Laminated Steel Knife

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Made in Japan

  • Made of Shirogami White 1.05-1.15% high carbon steel
  • Very pure steel hardened to 64HRC
  • Right hand bevel cutting edge
  • 2-5/8" cutting edge
  • Foldable blade locks in place

  • This foldable knife is a traditional all-purpose Japanese laminated knife with a Tsugaki style blade. It is used for trimming & shaping woodworking & bamboo. It is also used as a grafting knife in the garden. The top of the blade has a right hand bevel edge with the back side flat & hollow ground for easy re-sharpening. The Tsuguki style blades are wider & larger than the Kiridashi Kogatana models.

       Mr. Ikeuchi master blacksmith along with his fellow blacksmiths hand forge, grind, & sharpen these knives. White high carbon steel laminated on top with a softer layer of steel allowing the blade to be hardened to Rockwell 64. With all steel as it becomes harder & tougher, it will be more brittle & can snap in half, the soft steel lamination arrests this possibility. These knives we carry from Mr. Ikeuchi are beveled ground on one side only & flat to edge on the underside yet hollow ground as a common practice to facilitate less time in re-honing to a sharp edge.

       Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer quality tools from Japan for the many people who desire special & well-crafted tools. The wide variety of Japanese products that we offer come from the many craftsmen & toolmakers in Japan who have a special dedication to their skillful craft & art of toolmaking.


  • Product Cutting Edge Length Knife Width Blade Thickness Overall Length Model #
    24 mm Foldable Knife 2 - 5/8" 1" (24 mm) 1/8" 9 - 3/8"




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