Flexcut Slipstrop ~ PW12

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Made in the USA

  • Model PW12
  • Excellent for getting that razor sharp edge on carving tools
  • When used with a compound abrasive, it will produce a bright mirror-like polished edge
  • 4" Long x 3-1/4" Wide x 1" thick
  • Rounded edges & V edges on slip strop
  • Includes one bar of Flexcut Gold Polishing Compound
  •  The Flexcut SlipStrop is a great way for maintaining carving tools razor sharp. This slip strop has been specially molded to allow for polishing & deburring the hard-to-reach areas on the inside of V-tools & gouges as well as the outside edge bevel. Includes a small bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound & detailed instructions. An excellent & quality honing strop.  Made in USA.

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    Flexcut Slipstrop ~ PW12 4" Long  x  3 - 1/4" Wide  x  1" thick




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