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FastCap Mini Scribe

FastCap Mini Scribe

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Made in USA

  • Pro Mini Scribe Tool
  • Very handy for tight & difficult areas to work in
  • Sanding pad on side for sharpening 
  • Great for use as a marking gauge & scribe
  • Storage compartment inside tool for scribes
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  •   The Mini Scribe makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe in those tight & difficult areas, staying parallel to the object surface every time. The Turning-Cam allows you to adjust the measurement on either side of the Mini Scribe, the steps represent 1/8", making it easy to get up close measurements every time. Need a marking gauge? Simply flip the Turning-Cam & run the Mini Scribe lip along the edge & get the perfect line!

  • Product Body Size Model #
    FastCap Mini Scribe 1-1/4"  x  1-1/4"  x  3/4"