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FastCap Holey Fastwrap - Velcro Wrap

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Made in USA 

  • Hook & loop fastening system
  • Heavy duty Velcro® material that can be used over & over
  • Slotted & notched every 5" 
  • 10' continuous roll 
  • Slotted end allows you to loop around cables
  • Works with any size cable
  • Excellent for wires, cables, & extension cables
  • Great for the home & workshop

  •   FastCap's Holey FastWrap secures loose wires, cables & extension cords quickly, & has holes every 5” allowing material to pass through, creating loops to attach to your cables. Made with durable indestructible VELCRO®. FastWrap can be used over & over again. A 10' continuous roll allows you to use as little or as much as you need. Fits anything from USB cables to heavy duty extension cords, great for dust collection as well. Available in both 1/2” x 10' and 1” x 10' rolls.

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    FastCap Holey Fastwrap - Velcro Wrap ~ 1/2" x 10' Size 1/2"
    FastCap Holey Fastwrap - Velcro Wrap ~ 1" x 10' Size 1" FW-1X10HOLEY WRAP




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