FastCap Ass. Block Cabinet Assembly System

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  • Excellent for cabinets, furniture building, & applying edgebanding
  • Made of heavy duty, glass filled ABS super-resistant material
  • Clamps from 7/16" to 1-3/8" panels
  • Quick lock & release knob
  • Join the two halves to make one corner
  • Rugged design ensures years of service

  •   The Assembly Block allows you to build your cabinets quickly & unassisted. Simply set up the Assembly Block corners according to the size of your cabinet, place each panel in, tighten the knobs & fasten the panels. Lift the cabinet out & start on the next one!

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    FastCap Ass. Block Cabinet Assembly System 9"  x  11  -  1/2"  x  5 - 1/2"




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