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North Bay Forge Double-Edge Tip Bent Carving Knife ~ BN-3

North Bay Forge Double-Edge Tip Bent Carving Knife ~ BN-3

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Made in the San Juan Islands, Washington

  • Model #BN-3
  • Made of quality W1 American high carbon steel
  • Traditional Native American style carving knife
  • Specially forged knife
  • Extraordinary razor-sharp edge
  • Hand polished blade
  • Smooth & durable cherry wood handle
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  • A traditional Northwest Native American style carving bent knife. The curved blade is incredibly razor-sharp on both edges, & it can be used with pushing & pulling strokes without needing to change positions. The comfortable handle is most frequently held palm up in one hand, but may also be used with both hands for extra leverage & control. A very special & excellent tool for carving! Made in the USA.

    This forged Tip Bent Knife is shaped with a deep bent curve most of the length of the blade approximately to a 5/8” radius. The carving knife blade is double-edged with a 1/16” thickness.

  • Product Blade Length Blade Radius Blade Thickness Blade Width Overall Knife Length Model #
    Tip Bent Knife 1 - 1/2" 1/2"  approx. 1/16" 11/16" 9"