Doorknob Spindle ~ Wide Size

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Vintage-style Hardware

  • Traditional-style
  • 20 TPI thread
  • Made of solid steel
  • 3/8" size from point to point on rod
  • 5/16" thick square shaft
  • Straight rigid-style spindle

  • An old-style threaded spindle rod for doorknobs. Made of solid steel, this spindle is sturdy & durable. This particular spindle has a size of 3/8" - 20 threads per inch (TPI), but has a little extra thicker square size (5/16"). Excellent for your reproduction doorknobs, or just a replacement for your old chewed-up spindles. Available in several lengths.

        Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer vintage-style hardware for the many people who desire to fashion their homes with charm, quality, & style. The traditional-style hardware that we showcase are true & faithful reproductions of classic hardware pieces found in the many homes from across America throughout the past century.

  • Product Thickness Thread Size Overall Size Size of Square Model #

    Door Spindle

    3/8" 20 TPI 3" Long 5/16"
    Door Spindle 3/8" 20 TPI 3-1/2" Long 5/16" BMH8840-20X
    Door Spindle 3/8" 20 TPI 4" Long 5/16" BMH8877-20X




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