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Cow Magnet ~ Heavy Duty

Cow Magnet ~ Heavy Duty

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Made in USA

  • Very strong & powerful magnet
  • Great for a number of uses!
  • Commonly used as a stud finder in the construction field
  • End caps of magnet are solid steel to prevent corrosion
  • Solid steel connector rod in magnet prevents breakage
  • Originally used for cows & livestock

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  • This cow magnet is called the "Ru-Master 5" which is a extra heavy duty magnet with five ceramic magnets strategically assembled with power-enhancing pole pieces for superior magnetic strength. Great for a number of uses, including the common use of finding studs in walls! A very strong & very durable magnet! The magnet does not disassemble. Magnet Source - Made by Master Magnets.

    Cow magnets are originally intended & widely used to help prevent "Hardware Disease" in livestock. "Hardware Disease" is caused when cows swallow nails, staples, & bailing wire while grazing. This can be fatal to the cow because the metals threaten the reticulum & surrounding vital organs of the cow. When properly administered, a cow magnet will collect the metals & bailing wire for the lifetime of the cow. Consult a veterinarian on how to administer the magnet.

  • Product Title Length Diameter Weight Model #
    Heavy Duty Cow Magnet 3 - 3/8" 3/4" 0.30 lb.