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7" Stanley Block Plane

7" Stanley Block Plane

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Model # 12-220

  • 1-5/8" wide cutter blade
  • Tempered carbon steel cutter blade, made in England
  • Cutter depth is adjustable, resting at 21° angle
  • Cast iron grey base with precision-ground sides for accuracy when planing
  • Finger rest on front for comfort & control
  • Durable epoxy-coated finish provides long-lasting protection

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  • A simple yet popular Stanley block plane great for cross-grain planing. The cutter blade rests at a 21° angle, & provides more control, less vibration, & a fine smooth finish. The thickness & evenness of the shavings can be changed by simply adjusting the cutter blade. The plane has a quick-release cam-lock that makes iron removal quick & easy. Note: Honing is recommended before use.

  • Product Title Blade Width Blade Thickness Overall Plane Length Overall Plane Width Model #
    7" Stanley Block Plane 1 - 5/8"  (41 mm) 3/32" 7"  (180 mm) 2"