CS Osborne Webbing Stretcher No. 255 ~ Rubber End

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Made in USA · C.S. Osborne ~ Since 1826

  • Model No. 255
  • Corrugated rubber attached to one end
  • 6 sharpened steel pins
  • Made of hardwood maple 

  • A quality USA-made webbing stretcher made by C.S. Osborne. The webbing stretcher is made of hardwood maple with corrugated rubber at one end, & one row of 6 sharpened steel pins at the other end. An excellent tool for making webbing & straps for furniture taut. Made in the USA.

    From the Manufacturer:

       Since 1826, the Osborne family had dedicated itself to providing the very finest tools. Ably assisted by employees who average over ten years of service to the company, the eighth generation of the Osborne family still manages the firm & continues the tradition requiring strict adherence to the highest standards of quality & service. This dedication continues to put the best possible tools in the hands of the professional.   CS Osborne - Made in the USA.

  • Product Width Overall Length Model #
    C.S. Osborne Webbing Stretcher No. 255 ~ Rubber End 3-1/4" 8"




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