Beeswax Cake Lubricating Compound

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Made in the USA

  • Made of natural beeswax
  • Long lasting lubricant
  • Pleasant light scent
  • For use in many innumerable applications
  • Available in both 2 oz. round cakes, or 1 lb. bricks

  • A versatile & handy dandy lubricating compound! This beeswax lubricant can be used to prevent wood from splitting when driving in screws or nails. It is also used on & for many other items such as window frames, sliding drawers, sleds, skies, sewing, quilting, antique refinishing, ammunition loading, decorative ornaments, candle making, molds, patterns, & many other numberless uses! It is a long lasting lubricant. It does not stain like soap, & it will not wash off!

  • Product Title Size Thickness Weight Model #
    2 oz Round Cake 2 - 3/8" Diameter 1" .125 lb
    1 lb Brick 5 - 1/4" Long  x  3 - 5/8" Wide 2" 1 lb




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