"Beehive" Style Glass Knob ~ Peacock Blue

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Vintage-style Hardware

  • Traditional & classy Art-Deco style
  • Made of genuine glass
  • Attractive "Peacock Blue" colored glass
  • Silver pan-head screw comes thru glass knob & includes a square nut for fastening
  • May shorten the thru-bolt for accommodation of the material thickness

  • A stylish & charming round "Beehive" style glass knob with a silver pan head thru-bolt. This is a reproduction of the Art-Deco style glass knob prominent during the 1920's & 30's, it will add a very nice touch to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else in the home! The silver bolt is inserted from the front through the head of the knob & comes with a square nut for the back. The bolt is 2-1/2" long, smooth-headed & nickel-plated, just as in the old days. Add some character to your home with these charming & appealing glass knobs!

    Use only hand tools to install glass knobs on your cabinets. Power tools (or even wrenches) may cause damage to the thread or to the knobs.

    Insert bolt through head of knob. To tighten, hand turn only the nut on the back of the screw (this is one reason that the heads of the screws are smooth on top and do not have a slot.) Do not turn the knob itself as it may cause breakage. Tighten carefully but do not over-tighten - remember they are made of glass & are by their nature, fragile.

    We will not replace broken knobs due to over tightening or mishandling.

          Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer vintage-style hardware for the many people who desire to fashion their homes with charm, quality, & style. The traditional-style hardware that we showcase are true & faithful reproductions of classic hardware pieces found in the many homes from across America throughout the past century.

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    Length of Thru-Bolt Thru-Bolt & Nut Thread Model #
    "Beehive" Style Glass Knob ~ Peacock Blue 1-1/8" 1-1/8" 2-1/2" 8-32




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