Auto-Loading Metal Utility Knife

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  • QBA-375 Auto-Loading Metal Utility Knife
  • Features a one-button automatic blade change
  • Die cast metal body & ergonomic rubber grip
  • Cutter has three blade depth settings & can hold five additional blades inside
  • 6-1/2" overall length
  • Includes five standard utility blades

  • This Auto-Loading Metal Utility Knife has an unique auto-loading design & sturdy construction. Features a one-button automatic blade change that comes pre-loaded with five additional blades which can be easily engaged at anytime. This feature allows you to work uninterrupted without stopping to manually replace blades. In addition to the effortless blade change, this knife has a heavy-duty die cast metal body, ergonomic rubber grip, & three secure locking blade depths. 6-1/2" overall length. "QuickBlade" Knife. PHC - Pacific Handy Cutter.

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    Auto-Loading Metal Utility Knife
    6-1/2" QBA-375




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