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Johnson 8" T-Bevel "Structo-Cast" ~ B75

Johnson 8" T-Bevel "Structo-Cast" ~ B75

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Made in USA

  • Model B75
  • Heavy duty adjustable stainless steel blade will not rust or corrode
  • Durable "Structo-Cast" high-impact handle with hand grip
  • 8" length of blade 
  • Durable locking wing nut holds blade securely in place
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  • Johnson's 8" T-bevel takes the guesswork out of angle duplication & eliminates the problems associated with analog readings & manual measurement transfer. It features a heavy-duty adjustable stainless steel blade that will never rust or corrode, as well as a durable "Structo-Cast" high-impact handle with a hand grip. Its durable locking nut holds the blade securely in place to keep your work accurate when transferring angles.   Made in USA.

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    Johnson 8" T-Bevel "Structo-Cast" ~ B75 8"