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Stanley "Sweetheart" Low Angle Block Plane

Stanley "Sweetheart" Low Angle Block Plane

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Model # 12-139 (No. 60-1/2)

  • 1-5/8" wide cutter blade
  • Cutter depth is adjustable, resting at 12° angle
  • A-2 steel cutter blade, excellent for edge retention
  • Plane iron is 1/8" extra thick for reducing chatter, & is honed to a 25° angle, & micro-adjustable to a 30° angle
  • Precision-ground & very smooth ductile iron base
  • Extra heavy base & frog cast as one for stability & reducing chatter
  • Norris-style adjustment with lateral lock for cutting accuracy
  • Adjustable mouth to reduce tear out
  • Solid brass turn knobs for smooth adjustments
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  • The Stanley Sweetheart Low Angle Block Plane, a real quality & hefty block plane! It is an excellent plane for planing end grain on wood, & plastic materials as well. The cutter blade rests at a 12° angle with the blade edge honed to a 25° angle, & is micro-adjustable to a 30° angle. It's rock-solid heavy construction provides great control, minimal vibration, & a very fine smooth finish. It has the Norris-style adjustment with a lateral lock for cutting accuracy. The plane also has finger grips machined in the sides for a nice & comfortable grip in your hand! A special & very popular plane! Note: Honing is recommended before use.

  • Product Title Blade Width Blade Thickness Overall Plane Length Overall Plane Width Model #
    Stanley Sweetheart Low Angle Block Plane (60 - 1/2) 1 - 5/8"  (41 mm) 1/8" 6 - 1/2"  (165 mm) 2 - 1/8"