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10 oz Tajima 'Convoy' Lite Caulk Gun

10 oz Tajima 'Convoy' Lite Caulk Gun

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  • Model No. CNV-100LT
  • "Convoy" Lite model
  • Designed for 10 oz tubes (1/10 gal. tubes)
  • Removable ABS Barrel - Twist-lock barrel removal system
  • Twin thrust plates
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  •  The "Convoy" X Lite caulking gun model made by Tajima. This model is an ultra-light caulk gun with a unique twist-lock barrel removal system for fast & easy tube changes. It has a "Twin-Thrust" dispensing system, & a "Auto Flow Stop" system. Designed for 10 oz tubes.  Model No. CNV-100LT

  • Product Tube Size Overall Size
    Tajima 'Convoy' Lite Caulking Gun for 10 Oz Tubes  (1/10 Gal.) For 10 oz tubes  (1/10 gal. tubes)
    14 - 1/2" Long  x  7" High