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FastCap BabeBot ~ 4 oz

FastCap BabeBot ~ 4 oz

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  • Professional Glue Bottle
  • Unique design thats sucks the glue back inside
  • Will not spill or drip
  • Easy squeeze bottle
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Works with most glues & solvents
  • Included: Blade tip, Yorker tip, & Glue Cap
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  •   This profession glue bottle called the "BabeBot" (A smaller version of the GluBot) is made by FastCap & is designed by cabinetmakers & woodworkers. The glue bot is easy to fill, doesn't drip, & dispenses glue in both horizontal & vertical positions. It is designed with a special 2-chamber system that pushes glue from the bottom up through the secondary side chamber which ensures fresh glue every time. Wide bottom for extra stability.  It will be the best glue bottle you will ever own!  4 oz bottle.

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    FastCap BabeBot ~ 4 oz 4 oz 5"  x  2"  x  2"