Stabila 33' Tape Measure ~ Type BM Series

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  • Model 30333
  • 33' length
  • Tape hook with special Stabila spikes coating to help prevent slipping off of the work
  • Measuring scale on both sides of tape
  • 1" wide blade - Easy-to-read lockable yellow blade 
  • Powerful & durable blade rewind mechanism
  • Tough housing with ergonomic soft grip rubber contact points

  •  As a professional tradesman you can't go wrong with the BM 40 tape measure with its double-sided scale for optimum readability. This is a solid heavy-duty tape measure with a hard-wearing blade surface to prolong its working life. The Stabila spikes hook can securely hold without slipping on building materials, & with the choice of various blade lengths, up to 10 meters, you can find the right version for your measuring needs.  Accuracy class II.


  • Product Length of Tape Width of Tape Model
    Stabila 33' Tape Measure ~ Type BM Series 33' 1" 30333




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