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Opinel Bread Knife

Opinel Bread Knife

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  • Model No. 116
  • Excellent for breads of all kinds
  • Top quality serrated teeth
  • Slight curve for enhanced & effective slicing 
  • Made of 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel
  • Varnished Beechwood handle

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  • The classic Opinel stainless steel blade in a bread knife form. This knife has tough serrated edges used on all kinds of breads & is great on tough coarse surfaces & crusts. It also features a slightly curved blade which enables effective slicing when using. The handsome Beechwood handle is varnished for a most beautiful look. The Opinel knife is rich in history & has been in use for over 100 years by many alike!

    *Important! Care for your stainless steel knives!*

       The knife blade is made of stainless steel and will not rust, although try to avoid leaving the knife in moist & damp environments for too long, and the wood may expand or contract too if the knife is left out in extreme weather conditions for an amount of time. It is also a good idea to try & wipe the blade dry after each use.

  • Model # Blade Length Blade Thickness Handle Length
    Overall Length
    Model #
    Opinel Bread Knife No. 116 8" 1/16" 5-1/4" 13-1/4" 001816