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FastCap AccuScribe Pro Scribing Tool

FastCap AccuScribe Pro Scribing Tool

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  • Professional Scribing Tool
  • Great for siding around windows & flooring
  • For radius & circumference work
  • For marking gauge application
  • Non-rocking flat bottom
  • Adjustable articulating head for difficult & awkward applications, such as scribing around windows & doors
  • Extendable compass point
  • Includes pencil
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  •  A professional scribing tool made by FastCap. The AccuScribe Pro makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe offset, staying parallel to the object surface every time. It is ideal for scribing trim on kitchen cabinets, architectural moldings, countertops, splash guards, tile & even flooring. Fits a standard pencil, Sharpie, or FatBoy Pencil.

  • Product Tool Size Model #
    FastCap AccuScribe Pro Scribing Tool 8"  x  5 - 3/4"  x  1 - 1/2"