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Ulmia Sanding Cork Block

Ulmia Sanding Cork Block

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Made in Germany

  • Natural cork
  • Traditionally used with abrasive sandpaper
  • 5" long x 2-3/8" wide 
  • 1-3/8" thick block
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  • A handy & useful cork sanding block composed of 100% natural compressed cork. It is traditionally used as a backer with abrasive sandpaper. The cork block is firm & flat, but not too hard. It's perfect balance of stiffness will help you sand efficiently & quickly, compared with the rubber sanding blocks which are generally too bulky & heavy; along with wasting a lot of sandpaper when used. It is possible to reshape & form the cork block to your own situation (ex. for moulding or curves).

  • Product Title Size Thickness Model #
    Sanding Cork Block 5" long  x  2 - 3/8" wide 1 - 3/8"