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Goldblatt Dust Free Hand Sander

Goldblatt Dust Free Hand Sander

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  • Dust-free drywall sanding 
  • Designed for use with standard 11-1/4" die-cut sanding screen sheets
  • Includes 6 ft. hose, coupler, & adapter for compatibility with most shop-type vacuums
  • Compatible with most standard shop type vacuums
  • Adjustable air-flow for variable vacuum force
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  •    Reduce 90% of dust & mess with the Goldblatt dust-free hand sander. This lightweight drywall sander has several great features, including a 360-degree pivoting elbow for ease of use on vertical surfaces & an adjustable vent for variable vacuum force

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    Goldblatt Dust Free Hand Sander 9-1/4"  x  3-1/4"