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Kunz Glue Scraper

Kunz Glue Scraper

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Made in Germany · Kunz Tools ~ Since 1910

  • Model No. 107
  • High quality carbon steel blade
  • Blade is changeable 
  • Two scraper edges on blade - 2-3/8" long each side
  • 12" long handle is made of cast iron 
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  • A heavy-duty glue scraper "Leimkratzer" made by Kunz Tools in Germany. The sharp carbon steel blade is tough & heavy duty, making it excellent for scraping out dried glue around joints. The handle is made of cast iron material which has a nice weighty feel in the hand, making the scraper easy to control when scraping. The 11-1/2" long handle also gives the user more leverage when scraping. An excellent scraper for tough projects.

  • Product Blades Length Overall Length Model #
    Kunz Glue Scraper 2 - 3/8"  11 - 1/2"