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Bahco Lapplander Folding Saw - 7-1/2" Blade

Bahco Lapplander Folding Saw - 7-1/2" Blade

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Made in Sweden

  • Versatile coarse saw - good for green & dry woods, plastic, bone etc.
  • Specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters & campers
  • Foldable blade 
  • XT hardpoint Teething - Crosscut Teeth: 7 TPI
  • Overall Saw Length: 16"
  • Spring-loaded blade lock
  • Rubberized handle
  • Blade is removable
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  •  A popular versatile folding pull-saw that is great for use on green woods, but also good on dry woods, plastic, bone, etc. The teeth on the saw have 7 TPI which allows for very fast aggressive cutting. The teeth are hardened which makes the blade tough & durable for prolonged life & wear. The blade is foldable, making the saw able to fit in your pocket, backpack, or toolbox nicely. The blade also can be removed when/if needed to be replaced. A spring-loaded blade lock also fixes the blade in place nicely. The handle is made of a hard rubberized material that feels comfortable in the hand when using. A very popular saw with our customers!  Made in Sweden.  


  • Product Crosscut TPI Blade Thickness Blade Depth Blade Length Overall Saw Length Model #
    Bahco Lapplander Folding Saw - 7 - 1/2" Blade 7 1/16"
    1 - 3/8"    7"