Two Cherries Carpenter's Flat Adze - Head Only

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Made in Germany

  • Model No. 6100
  • Flat head
  • 3-3/8" cutting edge length 
  • 2-1/2 lb. weight
  • Made of quality German steel

  • A quality flat adze head made by Two Cherries. It's a great adze for woodworking & carpentry projects. The adze is basically like a chisel you can chop with. It has a number of uses such as squaring off logs & planks, shaping beams, & general carpentry tasks. Head only. See here for the adze handle made by Two Cherries.   Made in Germany.

       Two Cherries Tools is a family owned Germany company that has been in business for over 155 years. Since 1858, they have been producing high quality woodworking tools using the finest steel available.


  • Product  Cutting Size Overall Length Weight Model # Part #
    Two Cherries Carpenter's Flat Adze - Head Only 3 - 3/8" 9" 2-1/2 lb. 6100




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