"Starrett M1" ~ All Purpose Lubricant 12 oz.

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Made in the USA

  • Prevents rust & corrosion
  • Lubricates to stop squeaking & sticking
  • Eliminates grease & grime on tools & metal parts
  • Displaces moisture on surfaces & protects afterwards
  • Cleans & polishes for lasting protection
  • Will penetrate to free stuck nuts, bolts, & metal parts
  • A top notch lubricant which produces a very thin & airtight coating that protects & dries at the same time. Battle dust, dirt, grime, tar, & other contaminants with this unparalleled product. Since it is also a non-conductor, it will prevent short circuits caused by moisture. "M1" is essentially an all-purpose lubricant excellent for use on many items such as tools, machinery, engines, hardware, firearms, & many other items!

       "Starrett M1" is a silicone-free product as well. 
Contains: Heavy Aliphatic Solvent (64742-47-8), Petroleum (8008-03-8), & Carbon Dioxide (124-38-9)

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    "Starrett M1" ~ All Purpose Lubricant 12 oz. 12 oz can




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