Dan's Honing Oil ~ 16 oz

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Made in the USA

  • Oil for use on all sharpening stones
  • Helps preserve your stones & prevents your stone from clogging from metal shavings
  • 16 oz bottle size

  •  Dan's Honing Oil is great to use with your sharpening stones during use & after sharpening as well. Oil is important for sharpening since the oil keep the metal particles in suspension so the stone does not become embedded & clog the stone's pores. When metal particles clog the pores of a stone, it is called glazing & it can ruin the stone. The oil is also a good for use as an all-purpose lubricant for many workshop & household needs including squeaky hinges & sewing machines, etc.  16 oz bottle.

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    Dan's Honing Oil ~ 16 oz 16 oz DWC-OIL-16




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