Norton Flattening Stone with Case

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  • Designed to produce flat surfaces on waterstones
  • Silicon carbide abrasive stone
  • Diagonal grooves increase swarf removal
  • 9"  x  3"  x  3/4"  size
  • Superbly flat with hard bond to produce extremely flat surfaces on all waterstones
  • Can be used on all grit sizes of waterstones 
  • Includes protective plastic case

  •  Produce flat surfaces on waterstones of all grit sizes with Norton Flattening Stones. The silicon carbide abrasive promotes maximum cutting for fast results while the flat shape & hard bond effectively flatten. These stones are constructed with diagonal grooves, allowing for the easy removal of swarf.

    From the Manufacturer:

       Norton Sharpening Stones are made of the highest quality materials & are unequaled for long sharpening life, maintenance of shape & smooth cut.

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    Norton Flattening Stone with Case 9" x 3" x 3/4"




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