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Mora Laminated Steel Knife Blade

Mora Laminated Steel Knife Blade

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Made in Östnor, Sweden

  • Blade is made of high quality HRC 61 laminated steel
  • Razor-sharp edge
  • Excellent for creating your own unique knife!
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  • This laminated steel knife by Mora of Sweden is unsurpassable with it's toughness & superior edge resiliency! The blade of the knife has a core of high carbon steel which is then laminated with a layer of softer alloyed steel. This process creates an immensely durable tough blade, while at the same time keeping a very sharp superior edge! These knife blades are especially excellent if you desire to make your own special handles for your blades. The Mora knives are durable, & have been used by many carpenters & wood carvers for over a 100 years! This knife is absolutely excellent for woodworking & is a beauty you'll keep for years to come!

  • Product  Blade Length Blade Thickness Blade Width Overall Length Model #
    Laminated Knife Blade No. 1 3 - 15/16" 7/64" 11/16" 7 - 3/4"