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Svedbro Tove Wrecking Bar

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Made in Sweden 

  • Made by Gränsfors Bruks' sister company, Svedbro Smide
  • Made of high quality tempered Swedish alloyed steel
  • A handcrafted Tove wrecking bar offers superior durability compared with a pressed wrecking bar
  • Sides of the shaft are octagonal, which gives a better grip than if it was round 
  • 20 year guarantee by Svedbro Smide

  • The Tove wrecking bars are forged in specially alloyed steel, & are tempered & annealed to handle extreme high loads. The steel alloy & handcrafting give the wrecking bars sprung properties which enable it to stand up to extreme loads without deforming or breaking. The chisel end & nail claw end are both sharpened & thinly ground, so the edges can easily be wedged behind ledges, planks, molding, & other materials while minimizing damage to the surface providing the fulcrum. The nail claw has a precision angled V-slot designed to allow nails to be pulled regardless of the size of the head. A very high quality & superior bar. Available in five sizes.

       The Tove wrecking bars are made & forged by Gransfors Bruks sister company, Svedbro Smide, who have been making high quality wrecking bars since 1942 in Sweden.

  • Product  Overall Length Weight Model #
    11" Tove Bar 11" .875 lb.
    20" Tove Bar 20" 2 lb. 120
    25" Tove Bar 25" 3 lb. 125
    28" Tove Bar 28" 3.75 lb. 128
    36" Tove Bar 36" 5.5 lb. 136




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