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Pry Bars, Nail Pullers & Nail Sets

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Made in USA · Vaughan 45 degree pry bar scraper - Model No. BT45 ~ One all-steel piece - heat treated ~ Sharpened beveled scraper edges ~ Nail slot in bar ~ The bar is ideal for scraping & removing smaller nails, lifting & prying objects. 45° angle scraper end ~ Rust-resistant powder coat finish
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Japanese Dogyu Curved Lever Pry Bar ~ Heavy Duty
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Titan Tools 9-1/4" Multi-Purpose Pry Bar & Scraper. The bar is great for scraping, lifting & prying objects, & removing smaller nails. Beveled scraper edges. Model 11513. 802090115134
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Vaughan 12" Nail Puller Bar With Cushion Handle - Made in USA  ~ Model NP12G - Cats Paw
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Vaughan 11" Double End Nail Puller - Model NP12DE ~ Made in USA
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Stanley Tools - Model No. 55-119 ~ One forged all-steel piece ~ Heat-treated & tempered ~ Heavy Duty Pry Bar ~ 4-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending & striking jobs ~ heavy demolition work ~ Beveled nail slot for pulling & prying nails ~ Textured cushion grip for comfort and control ~ Board Bender ~ Fat Max
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A special USA-made tack & staple remover made by C.S. Osborne. The tip of the blade is slightly curved. Blade is also used for grooving out drawers, so when re-glued they will stick. Made of forged steel with a wooden handle & nickel plated ferrule. Made in USA. Saw Blade Staple Remover. Drawer Saw Knife - Model 121
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Curved end ensures better leverage in small areas. Pointed end for aligning work. 3 PC set. 045256601502.
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Model No. 800C. Hardened & Tempered. Starrett 800 Nail Set has a large, square head that provides a large striking surface and prevents the tool from rolling. 4" (100mm) Length, 3/32" (2.5mm) Punch Diameter. 496595303150.  Made in USA.
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Vaughan Grayvik 21" Pry Bar ~ Made in USA
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Magnetic Brad & Nail Driver gets the job done without marring surfaces. Ideal for working in tight corners & hard-to-reach spaces, the magnetic head holds the nail firm while downward pressure on an ergonomic solid wood handle easily inserts the nail. GreatNeck Model No. BD1
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This drop-forged & spring tempered steel pry bar is a stout & handy tool with professionals in mind. It is a very useful tool for prying molding, pulling nails, scraping, roofing & siding work, lifting, & many other tasks! Special hook design for maximum prying power for nails, which can be pulled in three different ways with either the V-shaped slot, the curved tail, or the special hook paw. The blade edges are also ground & bevelled for the easy removal of the nails. Made in USA.
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Made in USA · Dude Tools Model FDS24P ~ Spring-loaded driving shaft ~ 2-1/2" lb. handle weight ~ 24" long shaft ~ Great for driving nails in difficult & hard-to-reach areas. Shoots nails in difficult & hard-to-reach areas. Shaft is spring loaded which allows the nail to be set down into the tube for one hand operation
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Vaughan 5-1/2" Mini Pry Bar ~ No. 222 - 5-1/2" long versatile little tool that will open paint cans & pull small nails & staples. The bar is made of high quality tempered steel & a power coated finish for rust resistance. It pries, pulls, & scrapes - Made in USA
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C.S. Osborne Tack Claw No. 146
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"Da Bar" Nail Puller Bars were created in Japan to Dalluge Tools' highest specifications & are ideal for removing molding & trim work. 4300 Nail Puller Bar measures 12" in length. Thinner & lighter than traditional Japanese bars. Model 4300 Nail Puller Claw Bar. 698250043009. Vaughan Dalluge Nail Bar Puller. 12" long
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Titan Tools 5-1/2" Mini Pry Bar & Scraper. The bar is great for scraping, lifting & prying smaller objects, & removing smaller nails. Beveled scraper edges. Model 11505. 802090115059
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C.S. Osborne Caning Chisel No. 405-1/8"
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Vaughan 10" Moulding Lifter Bar ~ No. MLB - Forged steel, tempered & hardened for strength ~ Great for baseboard & moulding
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Mayhew Lumber Leveraging Tool & Nail Puller is used to tweak or adjust bent or warped lumber; adjust studs, joints, or rafters. Demolition uses include pulling nails, wedging, stripping, & wrecking. Only for use on lumber. Powder-coated finish with a cushion-grip handle. Model No. 41500. Long handle for better leverage
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C.S. Osborne Caning Chisel No. 405-3/16"
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Stanley Self-Centering Nail Set ~ 58-011
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Japanese Magnetic Nail Punch ~ 8" Pea Shooter - Dogyu 200 mm - Nail Setter ~ Excellent for driving nails in difficult & hard-to-reach areas - Magnetic end ~ Spring-loaded driving shaft - Model No. M-200 - Made in Japan
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