Japanese Bonsai Mini Kumade Rake

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Made in Japan

  • Mini Kumade Bonsai Rake - Polished finish
  • 9" overall length
  • Spatula on mini rake
  • Great for maintenance of Bonsai

  • This Japanese Bonsai Mini Kumade Rake is used to remove insects, needles, weeds, & other fine debris around the base of the Bonsai. The symmetrically shaped spatula is well suited for tamping soil & the semi-sharp edges of the spatula also work well for scraping soil & loosening the soil around the edges on containers.   Made in Japan.

       Hardwick & Sons is pleased to offer quality tools from Japan for the many people who desire special & well-crafted tools. The wide variety of Japanese products that we offer come from the many craftsmen & toolmakers in Japan who have a special dedication to their skillful craft & art of toolmaking.

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    Japanese Bonsai Mini Kumade Rake 9" JAC-1434




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