North Bay Forge Medium Bushcraft Knife

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Made in the San Juan Islands, Washington

  • Specially forged knife
  • Made of quality O1 American high carbon steel 
  • Extraordinary razor sharp edge
  • 4" long blade
  • Hefty & stout 3/16" thick blade
  • Hand polished blade
  • Full tang
  • Smooth & very dense Jatoba wood handle

  • A very stout & durable bushcraft knife with a special blade that is differentially hardened & the forged fine bevel on the blade is incredibly razor-sharp. The edges are hard, & the spine is left "soft" to withstand a lot of shock. The knife has solid brass rivets that are peined over on both ends into the Jatoba wood handle. A very special & unique bushcraft knife!

       This forged medium-sized knife is popular among bushcrafters. It is almost indestructible with the differentially hardened blade, along with the full tang.

    From the manufacturer: About the special bevel

       After being forged flat from round bars, many heats are taken to carefully forge in the bevels at 10 to 12 degrees. (That's the total angle, from one side of the blade to the other!) The only grinding and removal of metal is along the edge, forming a microbevel about 1/8th inch wide. This also makes future sharpening much easier because sharpening is only done along that small microbevel. Most bushcrafters are accustomed to the "scandi" grind, with flat bevels ground in at 20 degrees. So I made a few blades that way (forging my normal round bars of high carbon steel flat, then grinding 20 degree bevels). Then I did some destructive testing to compare them... the forged bevel blades hold up considerable better than the scandi ground blade when being abused.


  • Product  Blade Length Blade Thickness Blade Width Overall Knife Length Model #
    Medium Bushcraft Knife 4" 3/16" 1 - 1/8" 8 - 1/2"




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