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Japanese "Hori Hori" Garden Tool ~ Stainless

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Made in Japan

  • Very popular soil knife & weeding knife
  • Blade is 7" long in length
  • Beveled blade & serrated saw-tooth edge acts as a shovel & saw
  • Markings on blade are great for planting your annuals and perennials
  • Hardwood handle & riveted
  • Includes USA made leather protective sheath with belt loop
  • This indispensable & versatile garden tool is by far one of our most popular items, & a vital & handy tool for the gardener! The word "hori hori" in Japanese means "diggy diggy", which is one of the many things this marvelous tool can perform! With this tool, special care goes into every small step of the extraction as not to damage the plants fragile roots, unlike the bulky & possibly destructive method of a standard shovel. The blade is slightly curved so it can be used as a trowel to dig & scoop soil. It's sharp blade can cut roots and weeds with ease. One can prune with them & deadhead plants with them too. The markings on the blade are great for planting your annuals & perennials. The tool's blade slides into soil quite easily, & the soil also easily wipes off the smooth stainless steel as well! The blade can be easily sharpened when need be as well. Two stainless steel rivets firmly & securely attach the blade to the hardwood handle. This tool is sure to become your favorite gardening tool in the garden!

       Originally manufactured & designed for Japanese botanist specialists collecting mountain plants & specimens, such as "Sansai" on top of the mountains in Japan. Carbon steel models are also available!

  • Blade length Blade Width Handle length Overall length Model
    7" Long 1 - 3/4" 5" 12 - 3/8" HWXP15SSX




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