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Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack

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Made in USA

  • Model No. JKN91
  • Blades included: Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Chisel, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp, & Hook Knife
  • High Carbon Steel blades
  • Each razor edge is honed & locks securely in both the open & closed functions
  • Folding design & convenient pocket size - 4-1/4" long length when closed
  • Includes leather belt mounted sheath & a custom strop with sharpening compound
  • Includes complete instructions for operating & maintaining the sharpest edge possible

  •  A complete & compact carving kit that fits in your pocket! The Flexcut Carvin' Jack is the first folding multi-tool designed specifically for the needs of woodcarving & whittler! A Detail Knife, Straight Gouge, Chisel, V-Scorp, Gouge Scorp, & Hook Knife are all included inside this pocket knife. Includes a leather belt mounted sheath & a custom strop for maintaining the sharpest possible edge. A very popular craving tool with our customers!   Made in the USA.

       Special Knife Blades on the Carvin' Jack

       •    Detail Knife ~ It's fine point can be used for detailing delicate areas or quickly removing wood from a convex surface as you would with any whittling knife.

       •    Straight Gouge ~ Gouges are used for modeling surfaces or creating different textures. It can also be used for carving printmaking woodcuts.

       •    Chisel ~ This handy carpenter's tool is great for setting a hinge, carving lettering, or smoothing off hard-to-reach convex surfaces.

       •    Hook Knife ~ The hook knife is designed for carving in hollow areas where a straight blade can't reach. It's ideal for hollowing spoons or roughing out larger amounts of waste wood. 

       •    Gouge Scorp ~ Scorps, by their nature, are right angled gouges. Their very short turning radius allows them to carve very narrow, deep recesses, similar to spoon gouges, only better.

       •    V-Scorp ~ The V-Scorp's sharp corners leave a clean line of demarcation between two adjacent surfaces, much the same as outlining with a pencil.

  • Product Length When Closed Weight Model
    Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack 4 - 1/4" 3.5 oz JKN91




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