North Bay Forge Fishtail Bullnose Chisel ~ Left Skew ~ FBC-L

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Made in the San Juan Islands, Washington

  • Model #FBC-L
  • Made of quality W1 American high carbon steel
  • Specially forged chisel
  • Extraordinary razor-sharp edge
  • Hand polished blade
  • Smooth & durable cherry wood handle

  • A special carving chisel where the edge is finely bevelled for final finishing. The edge is very slightly rounded, or bullnose. This gives the bottom bevel a little bit of belly (like a slight gouge) so the cuts are very small scallops without the corners digging in. Slicing cuts are when the angle of the cutting edge is skewed to the direction of cutting & are very efficient for wood carving. The skew on this bullnose chisels are excellent for slicing cuts because the cutting edge is already at the left angle when the tool is pushed straight through a cut. A very special & incredibly razor-sharp chisel. Made in the USA.

    Please note: These chisels are not big wood removers. They are meant for hand use only & are not designed to be struck with a mallet.

  • Product Blade Length Blade Thickness Blade Width Overall Length Model #
    Fishtail Bullnose Chisel ~ Left Skew 2" 3/32" 5/8" 9 - 1/2"




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