Bahco Camping Hatchet

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  • High quality tool steel according to DIN 7287, class B
  • Excellent for outdoor & general purpose use
  • 3-1/4" cutting edge
  • 15" overall length
  • Secure fixing of the head with a jagged carbon fibre wedge
  • Curved Ash handle is varnished

  • Bahco's "Camping Hatchet" is a nice hatchet great for everyday use. It is especially a good tool for splitting small firewood & kindling. It's size is great for carrying in a small backpack, on your belt outdoors, or even storing in a toolbox. This nice basic hatchet is also good for trimming branches, garden work, camping, or just general purpose chopping. The back of the hatchet is flat to drive tent stakes & nails as well. 

  • Product Cutting Edge Overall Length Handle Grip Length Weight Model #
    Bahco Camping Hatchet 3-1/4" 15" 12-1/2" 1-1/2 lb




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